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6 Important Signs That Indicate The Need For Fuel Pump Repair

- Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The role of fuel pump in your car is to send a steady flow of fuel to the engine. As you can imagine, the fuel pump is one of the most extensively used components of your vehicle. This means that your fuel pump is subjected to greater wear and tear and may require regular attention. Failure to attend to your fuel pump could result in complete stalling of your vehicle and overall poor performance. Therefore it is important to keep your fuel pump in quality condition with regular fuel pump repair and servicing. Here are six important signs that indicate that your fuel pump needs attention.

1. No sound of fuel pump when you try to turn on the ignition – The fuel pump starts even before the engine starts. When you turn the key the fuel pump should be engaged and once engaged the fuel pump will produce a whirring noise. Pay attention to this noise to ensure that your fuel pump is engaging without any problem.

2. Failure to start – If you are frequently running into hard starts when you are trying to turn on the ignition, it could be an indicator that your fuel pump has needs repair or replacement.

3. Your vehicle losses power when you are trying to accelerate – When accelerating your vehicle, the fuel pump should supply more fuel to the engine. If the fuel pump is not functioning properly, whenever you try to increase your vehicle’s speed, your vehicle will lose speed instead.

4. Sputtering of your vehicle at high speed – Another symptom of faulty fuel pump could be sudden jerking of your vehicle when traveling at high speed. Your vehicle will sputter without any warning and will reduce speed.

5. Difficulties while climbing uphill – If your vehicle is experiencing difficulties climbing uphill, even without towing a heavy load, it could indicate the need for fuel pump repair. The fuel pump is not supplying the additional power required to rev up the engine to climb steep grades.

6. Your vehicle stalls frequently – If there are problems with your fuel pump, it will stop pumping fuel to the engine resulting in unexpected stalling of your vehicle.


If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it is important to take your vehicle to a repair shop for fuel pump repair and servicing. This will ensure your vehicle operates at optimal performance and protect you from any associated risks. 

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