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Utah Water Pump Replacement Service

Salt Lake City, Utah Water Pump Service

J-Mac Radiator specializes in cooling systems. A water pump is a crucial component when it comes to keeping your engine cool. We can test and make sure your water pump is working properly.


How J-Mac Radiator can help you with water pump problems:

If your car has been overheating or if you have noticed a coolant leak, bring your vehicle to J-Mac Radiator and let the professionals help. Our trained technicians are able to pressure test your cooling system in order to find leaks. If needed, we can replace the old water pump and get you back on the road same day!

In addition, we always provide you with our complimentary J-Mac Radiator inspection including; topping-off fluids, visually inspect belts for damage, tire pressure, wiper blades, lubricate chassis, exterior light check, as well as clean your vehicle's exterior windshield for no additional cost. While you wait, enjoy the big screen TV, complimentary Wi-Fi and beverages.


Car Water Pump Purpose:

The water pump is a belt driven device found in any car engine which transfers water from the radiator to the engine, thereby helping to keep it cool. The water pump is driven by a belt which is connected to the crack-shaft of the engine. The water pump uses centrifugal force to circulate coolant through the radiator, into the engine and back to the radiator. Over time, water pumps wear down and they will need to be replaced or your car will overheat and the engine will be damaged.

Water pumps have what is called a weep hole which allows a person to see if the pump is still in good working condition. As the water pump begins to wear, the gasket on the inside of the weep hole will begin to break down allowing small amounts of coolant to escape from the water pump. If you look at your water pump, you will be able to see a trail of coolant from the pump down the engine. If you see moisture, the water pump will need to be replaced as soon as possible. If not, the leak will become larger, your vehicle’s engine will not be adequately cooled and will overheat causing costly damage to the engine. If the weep hole allows large amounts of coolant through while the car is idling, the water pump should be changed immediately.


Special Car Water Pump Repair & Service Offer for Web Customers:

Call J-Mac Radiator today! Our number is (801) 268-0919. You can reach us Monday - Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM. We accept all major credit cards.


Bring your car in for an estimate today. J-Mac Radiator is conveniently located at 3520 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT.

Salt Lake City Water Pump Service

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