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Utah Fuel Pump Repair & Service

Salt Lake City, Utah Fuel Pump Service and Repair

J-Mac Radiator specializes in car fuel pump service and maintenance. We can fix any fuel pump problem.


How can we help you with fuel pump problems?

If your vehicle has been experiencing any of these conditions; hard starting, poor idle quality, hesitation or stumbling when accelerating or a loss of high speed power, bring it in to J-Mac Radiator and let the professionals handle the problem. Our trained technicians will diagnose and fix the problem so that you are quickly back on the road.

While you wait, enjoy the big screen TV, complimentary Wi-Fi and beverages.


J-Mac Radiator Fuel Pump Service Includes:

• Monitor the fuel pressure

• Measure the amperage

• Replace fuel pump connectors, if necessary

• Check for fuel contaminates in fuel


When Replacing a Fuel Pump We Will:

• Flush the fuel tank

• Install a new strainer

• Replace the fuel tank O-ring

• Install new fuel pump

In addition, we always provide you with our complimentary J-Mac Radiator inspection including; topping-off fluids, visually inspect belts for damage, tire pressure, wiper blades, lubricate chassis, exterior light check, as well as clean your exterior windshield for no additional cost.


Car Fuel Pump Purpose:

The electronic fuel pump is the heart of the electronic fuel injection system in your vehicle. This critical part of the fuel injection system is responsible for pushing fuel from the tank, into the fuel injectors and to create sufficient pressure so the fuel injectors will deliver the correct amount of fuel under all operation conditions. The pressure developed by the pump, as well as the volume of fuel it flows, must meet the vehicle manufacturers' requirements. If not, engine performance, economy and emissions will suffer. After years of running constantly, fuel pumps will fail and will need to be replaced.


Car Fuel Pump Common Problems:

Fuel pumps run at all times, so after years of service they will experience wear in the armature bushings, brushes and commutator. Pump vanes, rollers or gears can also wear causing a gradual loss of pressure and flow. A weak fuel pump or one that can't generate enough pressure can upset the calibration of your fuel system. This may cause the engine to run, lean or starve for fuel under load. This can cause symptoms such as hard starting (hot or cold), poor idle quality, hesitation or stumbling when accelerating and a loss of high-speed power.

Accelerated wear may also occur if sediment or rust gets past the inlet filter sock. The fuel pump will become jammed, causing the motor to overheat and burn out.

Also, your fuel pump relies on fuel passing through it for lubrication and cooling. Consequently, fuel starvation can be another factor that accelerates wear and may even cause pump damage under certain operating conditions.

If problems go unchecked for long enough, they will cause more damage to the engine, costing much more money to fix or replace.


Special Fuel Pump Repair Offer for Web Customers:

Call J-Mac Radiator today! Our number is (801) 268-0919. You can reach us Monday - Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM. We accept all major credit cards.


Bring your car in for a quote. J-Mac Radiator is conveniently located at 3520 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT.

Salt Lake City Fuel Pump Service

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